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Data scientists to represent New Zealand in data science workshop with Singapore

New Zealand’s Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) is seeking data science researchers who are interested in attending a 2-day workshop in Singapore in October 2019.

The data science researchers will be representing the interests of the New Zealand data science sector during a joint New Zealand-Singapore Data Science Research Programme scoping workshop.

The Data Science Workshop

According to a recent press release, the purpose of the workshop is to identify potential areas and methods of collaboration with Singapore on data science research.

Moreover, it is intended to support and inform a much larger programme of work related to a Call for Proposals that will be released early 2020.

That funding will support joint data science research projects between Singaporean and New Zealand researchers.

The workshop will serve as a way to identify priority areas of mutual research interest, and appropriate mechanisms for achieving productive partnerships.

As reported, the collaborative data science research programme with Singapore is intended to support and encourage the development and exchange of scientific strengths and capabilities within each country and to benefit from each other’s global connections to cutting edge science.

The cooperation falls under the umbrella of the Government-wide Enhanced Partnership between New Zealand and Singapore.

The Ministry intends to commit up to NZ$ 4 million per annum for five years, for New Zealand engagement in up to four multi-disciplinary joint research projects in data science.

The report detailed the objectives outlined for the New Zealand-Singapore Data Science Scoping workshop. These are:

  1. Identify research areas in data science and applications of mutual interest and strategic benefit to both New Zealand and Singapore
  2. Propose points of specific research focus that lead to the creation of new and world-leading knowledge
  3. It may also:
  4. Propose collaboration models that ensure maximum synergy in research development across teams
  5. Identify mechanisms aimed at transfer of knowledge to a wide range of users across New Zealand

Application for New Zealand Data Science researchers

Applicant will be assessed on the basis of written information supplied through the Investment Management System (IMS) application.

Interested parties need to include the following in their Expression of Interest:

  1. Eligibility – Applicant should be New Zealand-based.
  2. NZBN Registration of Endorser – This will allow the Ministry to check that the endorsement comes from a New Zealand legal entity.
  3. Candidate CV – A short professional academic CV with a maximum of four pages
  4. Statement of intent – A maximum of 400 words total that outlines the skill set and attributes, which align with the workshop objectives and criteria
  5. Existing relationships with Singapore – this will include any existing professional cooperation with Singapore on data science

They are looking for up to twelve New Zealand based researchers. Submission period is from 9 July 2019 until 6 August 2019.

To clarify, the Expression of Interest is for the workshop only and is not a funding application. The Ministry will cover travel, accommodation, food and incidental costs for the participants.

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