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Digital Transformation Agency Working to Modernise Data Management in Australia

The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) has bought new software from a global leader in cloud-based information management and governance services to modernise and streamline their services.  The upgrade is part of the Digital Records Transformation Initiative, led by the Department of Finance, to improve the productivity of the public sector through smart digital records management.

The Minister for Finance stated that the pandemic had changed the way Australians interacted with government services and welcomed the steps taken by the DTA to update their platforms. By modernising the way in which government services data is managed and recorded, more efficient and timely services can be provided for Australians.

The parliament and the public should have confidence that data is kept and managed appropriately through procurement of this software which will provide greater transparency and accountability, the Minister noted.

The Minister for Employment, Workforce, Skills, Small and Family Business stated that the local company has worked to modernise its solution by adopting machine learning, full-text extraction and natural language processing to automate the process of records management, from creation to disposal. The move offers tremendous benefits to the way DTA keeps records, not only in terms of productivity but also to assist with greater transparency, it was noted.

The Chief Operating Officer for the tech company noted the landscape for records management products had shifted greatly since the government signalled its intent to modernise the sector through the initiative.

“We have seen accelerating demand for intuitive, user-focused solutions. This opportunity allows our Melbourne-based AI engineering team to innovate alongside DTA, a leader in the federal government sector, and puts us at the forefront of the global records and content management industry,” he said.

The Digital Records Transformation Initiative was a project under the APS Modernisation Fund. The Digital Records Transformation Initiative is a 3-year APS wide initiative and is part of the government’s commitment to modernise the public sector using an innovative approach to digital records management

The initiative aims to achieve:

  • effective use of new smart technology
  • improve productivity through the use of automation
  • increase the re-use of information assets across government
  • increase compliance with regulations for the management of Australian government records

More about the Digital Records Transformation Initiative

The future of Australian government records management has been a topic of discussion and debate across the Australian Public Service and external electronic digital records management systems vendors for many years.

The initiative is a whole-of-government initiative focused on supporting the development of modernised digital records and information capability across the Australian government and applies to non-corporate commonwealth entities.

The government has agreed to modernise the common function of recordkeeping by taking advantage of new technologies, particularly those that automate the capture and classification of records.

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