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Government Involves Singaporeans to Create a Culture in Building a Greener and Smarter Nation

Government Involves Singaporeans to Create a Culture in Building a Greener and Smarter Nation

With an almost unrivaled development and prosperity in Asia, Singapore will have new challenges ahead as they head into their 51st year since independence.

These new challenges include improved transportation services, aging population, waste minimisation and building environmentally friendly homes.

Most of these challenges will have to be tackled through the optimisation of technology and a collaborative mindset among citizens to be proactive in solving them together.

To kickstart this culture, Singaporeans will be able to share their ideas on these matters over a series of engagement sessions this month titled “A Cleaner, Greener and Smarter Home”.

A total of 17 engagement sessions will be held led by the Ministry of National Development (ND), Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources (EWRM), Ministry of Communications and Information, and Ministry of Transport.

Development Minister Lawrence Wong and Environment and Water Resources Minister Masagos kicked off these sessions during a symposium last week.

Mr Masagos shared the objectives of these sessions and some of the key ideas Singaporeans can contribute.

“We look forward to hear the ideas in how we can move towards becoming a zero-waste nation, and redefine waste as a valuable resource for our society; to inspire and gather more to have a greater shared responsibility in keeping Singapore clean’’

‘’To adopt a long-term perspective in caring for our clean and green environment; and to ingrain a culture to improve resource efficiency and conserve water,” said Mr Masagos.

Mr Wong took the opportunity to urge Singaporeans in being proactive in generating ideas and taking action. These represent essential characteristics of citizens of a self-sustainable and innovative nation.

“Think about concrete action that you can be involved in…We really want you to get involved, if you’ve got good ideas, share (them); better yet, do something about it, and let us know and we in MND or MEWR can support you. We will do our best to support you and work with you to translate your ideas into actions,” said Mr Wong.

A number of these engagement sessions available are technology related. They aim to discuss how one can develop a secure mobile digital identity, improving virtual transactions and innovative solutions using smart communication technology in building a Smart Nation.

Image from William ChoCC BY -SA 2.0

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