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HK govt tech lab incubatee launches new IT solutions

Hong Kong’s Smart Government Innovation Lab has sustained its release of solutions develops by its various incubatees.

Recently, another one of its supported firms has developed two solutions which are now ready to be acquired by other firms, government agencies and academic institutions.

Solution 1 – AI Information push service management system

Solution description

The developing firm is STEMHub, a Hong Kong Science Park Incu-App company and a professional in AI, Internet of Things, Deep Learning and 5G technologies, applying to Smart city and smart home devices.

To deliver appropriate types of information to individuals, the firm proposed the following solutions: they use AI and machine learning to analyze individuals’ needs on the property information.

To push the information to individuals, there are few technologies they can choose or combine:

  • Mobile push – Create delightful mobile experiences with push notifications that drive engagement and conversions.
  • Web push – Engage off-site users across web and mobile web with actionable web push notifications.
  • SMS push – Engage users offline with personalized and actionable messages with SMS notification
  • Email – Engage users with contextual emails at the right moments
  • In-app messages – Target users with contextual in-app messages
  • Reports – System will analyze users’ response and provide the reports for analysis.

Application Areas

The solution can be applied in the areas of Broadcasting as well as Development.

Technologies Used

The solution uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Analytics, and Machine Learning.

Use Case

To provide an electronic service to push property information to the public. The governmental department can use the technology to deliver appropriate types of information to individuals and the public.

Solution 2 – Smart Car Park Management System

Solution description

STEMHub also proposed a “Smart” Car Park Management System as follows:

  • The solution is a cloud-based Car Park Management System which allows drivers to make pre-booking through mobile APP/website. Its functions include parking space reservation, payment, and car search.
  • Users can check the real-time vacant parking spaces through a mobile APP/website. NB-IoT devices will be installed to monitor and detect vehicles occupancy in real-time, allowing the car park to increase utilization and improve efficiency. Users can query the number of occupied or idled car spaces via the mobile app or website.
  • The solution can facilitate the public to find parking spaces. Its intelligent parking IoT system enables data sharing by using network technology; it can provide real-time feedback on the number of cars and parking lot information, and guide the driver to stop and pick up the car.
  • The solution can help drivers locate their vehicles in the car park – AIoT and OCR technologies are used to recognize vehicle models and their number plates, to identify the vehicles and help drivers to find their cars.
  • Payment – users can adopt new payment means (like QR code payment, NFC payments, etc). If users prefer, however, they can also use traditional parking management method – cash charges. Drivers can make their payment via the website, mobile apps, exit gate, parking machines, etc.
  • Security – the network video surveillance system supervises toll collectors, which can effectively manage financial security.

Apart from the above functions, the solution can also provide sales reports, marketing analysis and billing information for further data analysis. It can also provide operators visibility on customer behaviour through big-data analytics, enabling them to develop personalised promotions and propose value-added services to increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

Application Areas

The solution can be applied in the areas of City Management as well as Transport.

Technologies Used

The solution uses Data Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Mobile Technologies and Predictive Analytics.

Use Case

The “Smart” Car Park Management System can be installed at public car parks to help members of the public find and use car parking spaces efficiently and conveniently. The system can also assist them in identifying car parking service improvement opportunities in a cost-effective man.

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