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HK innovators gather to discuss smart city future

The Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) recently partnered with a leading provider of electrification, automation and digitalization require innovative solutions to the firm’s annual Innovation Day under the theme “Shaping smart city Hong Kong together” at Science Park.

Participants experienced the latest of Hong Kong’s capabilities and applications for a future-proof smart city.

Highlighting the growing calls to action to turn the city’s aspirations into reality, 250 business leaders, technological experts and start-ups gathered to exchange ideas and explore how technology can enable Hong Kong’s transformation into a world-class smart city.

HKSTP companies displayed their innovations at the value co-creation showcases focusing on mobility, building, energy and re-industrialization.

The technology highlighted artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing, geographic information systems and the Internet of Things.

Shaping smart city Hong Kong together

The President and CEO of the partnering firm noted that since the establishment of the city’s first Smart City Digital Hub in collaboration with HKSTP in 2017, the firm has been dedicated to building Hong Kong into a smart city, from ideation to realization through value co-creation.

Riding on the growing momentum of innovation, the firm recently unveiled the Smart City Developer Community, an ecosystem that aims to foster co-creation between start-ups, SMEs, business partners and key customers.

The conference brought various partners together for substantive discussions on mobility, building, energy, and manufacturing, and to identify the best technologies to power Hong Kong’s smart future.

The CEO of HKSTP stated that as a smart campus and living laboratory, HKSTP pilots applications of innovations. Collaborating with the tech solutions provider is allowing Hong Kong to realize smart city solutions (for example, smart lampposts and green buildings) to accelerate the development of a smart city.

The setup of Smart City Digital Hub at Science Park further encourages the co-creation of smart city solutions and strengthens the innovation and technology ecosystem in the Park.

The conference served as a platform for partner companies to demonstrate their technologies and connect with the industry partners.”

Embracing the IoT from Hong Kong to the Greater Bay Area

It is believed that digitalization can effectively address many of the challenges faced by urban cities. The tech solutions provider aims to keep expanding its investments in the IoT space and partnering with local partners on the journey to digitalization.

In Hong Kong, innovation at the Smart City Digital Hub is already having a meaningful impact on the city’s economy. By leveraging its unique IoT platform, comprising the advanced technology stack, domain know-how and inclusive innovation ecosystem, as well as Hong Kong’s strategic location, the firm aspires to play a key role in accelerating digital transformation and bringing next-generation innovations to the Greater Bay Area.

Value co-creation in building a smart city

In a series of presentations dedicated to value co-creation, tech experts from the partnering company demonstrated how successful collaborations with key industry players drives digitalization. Topics covered addressed a number of opportunities in smart mobility, smart building, power generation, re-industrialization and logistics, echoing the Hong Kong Government’s Innovation policy.

Advancing HK’s competencies via tech

The event also featured international experts who discussed the latest technological advances made in various areas, including artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing, geographic information systems and the Internet of Things. They offered a holistic view of the disruptive technologies that are changing the smart city landscape, paving the way for a human-centred smart city.

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