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HKSTP spotlights successful tech pilots from Validation Platform

Image Credits: HKSTP, Press Release

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) recently hosted the STP Platform Experience Day to showcase successful technology use cases that have undergone the STP Platform’s extensive validation process during their pilot phase.

From an automated rodent detection application to disinfecting robots and a preview of AI-powered smart traffic management, the use cases are proof of the growing demand and benefits of the platform’s suite of validation and testing services.

The STP Platform is a dedicated service platform to support the technology development of tech ventures and encourage technology adoption by corporates especially in the areas of AI and Robotics (AIR), smart city, big data, Internet of Things (IoT) and sensors technologies.

The platform builds upon HKSTP’s industry-first validation service for AIR, previously announced in August 2020, featuring unique virtual and physical lab simulation and real-world testing capabilities.

At the Experience Day, use cases tested at the STP Platform during the pilot stage were shared during the panel discussion. Industry experts from the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD), MTR Corporation Limited (MTR), Transport Department and The University of Hong Kong (HKU) shared their expertise on the value and impact of industry-standard simulation and their experience of identifying and honing the right solutions through the validation process.

The CEO of HKSTP stated, “The success of our Park companies is our success. It is encouraging to see the impact and market adoption of their innovations through the STP Platform. The use cases on show at the STP Platform Experience Day are a great demonstration of our living lab philosophy and mission to accelerate the adoption of innovative technologies across Hong Kong business. The validation services drive trust, acceptance and confidence in these emerging technologies and further establish Hong Kong businesses as bold pioneers and adopters of game-changing innovations.”

Reducing technology risk, uncertainty and adoption barriers

The STP Platform addresses the biggest barriers to the development and commercial adoption of emerging technologies. Validation of innovation is often expensive, time-consuming and limited by physical constraints and the lack of benchmarks for a fair comparison. The STP Platform offers corporates an independent performance evaluation tool, allowing them to test different solutions accurately and cost-effectively under numerous user scenarios.

The STP Platform overcomes major obstacles in technology adoption among businesses by delivering three key benefits:

  1. High cost-performance (CP) value. The performance of different image recognition solutions were evaluated in a case that tested their ability to recognise rodents. This enables a like-for-like and impartial comparison so that corporates make an informed decision on which solution best balances their performance and budget.
  2. Versatile testing capability. The platform’s highly versatile testing capabilities were demonstrated by evaluating disinfection robots under an unlimited set of environments. The STP Platform’s virtual lab can accurately simulate different real-world settings ranging from hotels to shopping malls. Additional integration with physical testing removes a host of limitations and time constraints and further validates the virtual simulation results.
  3. Risk-free validation. The STP platform reduces the risks of limited testing data, inaccurate projections and unfavourable outcomes. The platform provides a comprehensive preview over a longer period with unlimited scenarios, enabling better forecast for making decisions and reducing cost. HKSTP’s Smart Transportation Challenge which was hosted in March, saw solution providers using the simulation technology of STP Platform to visualise their traffic congestion solutions and test their performance.

With ongoing effort, the STP Platform will develop more datasets and simulation scenarios to further expand and enhance modelling capabilities. It has a clear vision to offer richer standards and benchmarks to support a wider variety of industries and applications. The platform is constantly evolving to test and validate more cutting-edge technology areas for the banking and finance, real estate, construction sectors and more.

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