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Hyper-Fibre Internet Service for Smart Living in New Zealand

With the introduction of Hyper-fibre, New Zealand took a massive step forward. This ultrafast internet is currently available in over 200 New Zealand cities and towns. It will connect millions of people across the country and will change the face of broadband internet.

On the global list, the average internet speed in New Zealand put us in 27th place. However, the average internet speed in New Zealand was 14.7 Mbps, still faster than the Australian average speed of 11.1 Mbps. Overall, New Zealand ranked 7th in the Asia Pacific Region – the highest peak average internet speed was 70.8 Mbps and placed New Zealand 35 overall.

New Zealand is one of only ten countries in the world that can provide these ultra-fast internet speeds. Plans will initially range between 2-4 Gbps, with the option of eventually reaching speeds of up to 8Gbps.

With the launch of its latest Hyper-fibre service in early August 2021, one of Christchurch City’s owned and operated fibre broadband providers will bring the future to Christchurch.

This next generation of fibre technology is being made available across Christchurch’s Central Business District to support the city’s ongoing growth, and it is the first stage of Enable’s community rollout.

“Christchurch has a fantastic central city designed to reflect the way people want to work and live today, and in the future. Hyper-fibre – with some of the fastest broadband speeds available anywhere in the world – will be another ingredient that makes our city a great place to live,” stated by the company’s CEO.

Fibre broadband is already the fastest, most powerful, and most dependable broadband available. It is already required for most Christchurch residents who want to be able to rely on their broadband connection. Hyper-fibre is set to be the essential broadband service of the future – particularly with its astronomical symmetrical (download and upload) speeds of up to eight gigabits per second (8Gbps).

The Hyper-fibre connection in Christchurch CBD is just the beginning of the company’s rollout strategy. The project is expected to take 18-24 months to complete and will eventually cover the entire city.

Correspondingly, another of New Zealand’s largest broadband providers — had launched their Hyper-fibre broadband plans in areas where the majority of Kiwis live and work as of last year. It is expected to connect nearly three million New Zealanders throughout the country. It is expected to be a game changer in terms of connectivity for homes and businesses due to its hyper-fast speeds.

OpenGov Asia reported that the importance of a reliable internet connection has been highlighted during this COVID-19 pandemic. Some other broadband types may be more susceptible to stuttering, dropouts and noticeable delays. The fibre is currently now the next generation of internet connectivity, with the newly built network available to 83% of Kiwi homes and businesses, it is great for Kiwis now and would work well revolutionaries into the future.

Authorities recognise that if New Zealand is to compete internationally it would need better broadband. Enhanced internet speeds boost video conferencing and enable faster access to cloud services for New Zealand enterprises. Both are considered necessary for effective foreign trade by the government.

Broadband is considered essential infrastructure and the country’s digital divide underscores the difficulties in bringing its benefits to all people, regardless of demographics or geography. Tens of millions of people do not have access to in-home broadband, mobile data, or both. These disparities are especially pronounced among rural, low-income households. While physical internet access remains a challenge for some households, many more struggle to afford services and navigate digital spaces.

Though since broadband has an impact on nearly every social determinant of health, barriers to adoption and use pose significant challenges in individual and community-level outcomes. As humans live in a more connected world than ever before, having fast internet speeds is critical. Because of its fast speeds and dependable service, Hyper-fibre will be a game-changer for both homes and businesses.

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