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Indian President inaugurates 13th AgroTech conference

According to a recent press release, the President of India inaugurated the 13th edition of CII AgroTech India-2018 on 1 December 2018 in Chandigarh.

The President had stated that Indian agriculture needs a renewal of its marriage with contemporary technology; protection against climate change, price fluctuations and demand shocks; and sustained investment by and partnership with business.

Together these will enhance agricultural value and competitiveness – as well as lead to better incomes.

The President said that through human history, agriculture has moved ahead with cross-fertilisation. It is the ideal stage for partnerships, for symbiosis and for mutual learning and sharing. Partnerships can be formed across sectors and across geographies. In previous decades, manufacturing and mechanisation have been of appreciable utility to agriculture.

Today a strong relationship is emerging between agriculture and the services sector. Biotechnology, nanotechnology, data science, remote-sensing imaging, autonomous aerial and ground vehicles, and artificial intelligence hold the key to generating more value for agriculture. He expressed confidence that Agro Tech India-2018 will promote specific partnerships that will benefit India’s farmers.

Pointing to the issue of pollution due to stubble burning, the President said that the farmers of Punjab and Haryana are a matter of pride for our country. They have never shied away from a challenge and a responsibility to larger society.

He noted that currently, the nation is facing issues related to disposal of crop residue and of safe and clean removal of husk or stubble. In an extreme form, the burning of such items is leading to pollution that affects even little children.

He noted that it is up to everyone, including the state governments, skilled and large-hearted farmers as well as other stakeholders to come up with solutions for climate change and the other aforementioned issues.

He added that without a doubt technology will help us find a solution.

Thus, it is expected that the Indian government will begin rolling out initiatives for the greater collaboration between the tech and agricultural industries in the near future.

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