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Innovations from HK govt tech lab

Hong Kong’s Smart Government Innovation Lab announced a new solution developed by a company supported by and operating within it.

As per the usual procedure, the company is now seeking start-ups, SMEs, other companies or government agencies to acquire and apply the technologies.

Solution description

The technology is called the Thermal Imaging Body Temperature Measurement Solution.

With this technology, public places for various entrances and exits can measure body temperature in a fast and effective way.

It can also prompt alerts from the system automatically in case the body temperature in an individual has exceeded the normal level.

Application Areas

The solution can be applied in the areas of healthcare, housing and population monitoring.

Technologies Used

The solution employs Data Analytics and Video Analytics.

Use Case

The solution was developed to enable rapid body temperature screening.

The benefits of the solution include:

  • Early warning of abnormal body temperature
  • High accuracy of body temperature detection
  • High adaptability environmental

The system can be applied to various areas where early detection of an individual with fever symptom is necessary to prevent widespread of the infection of viruses.

VR solutions deployed

Hong Kong’s Smart Government Innovation Lab also announced two VR solutions.

The first solution is called the Go VR Immersive – Hololens 2 Mixed Reality Solution.

Solution description

The holographic technology enables the blending of the physical world with digital contents to build a new Mixed Reality environment.

Hololens allows users to interact with virtual holograms and real objects in the physical world which offer a unique Mixed Reality experience.

The latest HoloLens 2 offers the most comfortable and immersive mixed reality experience available, with industry-leading solutions that deliver value in minutes — all enhanced by the reliability, security, and scalability of the cloud and AI services from Microsoft.

Application Areas

The solution can be applied in City Management, Commerce and Industry, Development, Education, Employment and Labour, Environment, Health, Housing, Infrastructure, Population, Recreation and Culture, Social Welfare as well as Transport.

Technologies Used

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality, Cloud Computing, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality technologies were used in the development of this solution.

Use Case

Case Example

The team developed a Mixed Reality solution to help demonstrate some of the analysis functions with the Hololens Mixed Reality device.

Users can interact with the holographic models projected in the open space and perform various analysis on different urban planning options as if they were planning for the betterment of the city.

VR Training & Education System

The second VR solution is called VR Training & Education System.

Solution description

The VR training system can provide immersive and actual-feeling for users to understand different training details.

In particular, for some special conditions such as scenarios of accidents (e.g. fire accidents, poisonous liquid leakage or short-circuit) and dangerous or prohibited areas (e.g. customs areas), it is difficult to provide training for officers/technicians.

With the firm’s VR training solutions, a 1:1 actual environment can be simulated and specific scenarios for trainees.

In addition, data of user movements can be collected along with decision-making and trainee information throughout the training.

With those data, data analysis for analyzing trainee’s behaviours can be generated and feedback can be given to trainers to pinpoint the areas of improvement.

The result reports can be stored on a cloud server and to be reviewed through browsers and mobile platform.

Currently, the solutions have helped various government departments and large enterprises for their staff training and safety/precaution education.

Application Areas

The solution can be applied in the areas of Broadcasting, City Management, Climate and Weather, Commerce and Industry, Development, Education, Employment and Labour, Environment, Finance, Food, Health, Housing, Infrastructure, Law and Security, Population, Recreation and Culture, Social Welfare as well as Transport.

Technologies Used

Augmented Reality, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Mixed Reality, Mobile Technologies and Virtual Reality technologies were used in the development of the solution.

Use Case

Case 1: VR training for handling the accident of poisonous liquid leakage

It is impossible for officers to practice how to handle the accidents of poisonous liquid leakage. To improve their efficiency of disaster management, the tech can provide VR Training system to simulate the accident scenario and trainee can learn and feel the actual accidents and practice the safety measures in VR.

By having such training, officers can have better experience in handling such a disaster with a higher sense of safety.

Case 2: VR Training for maintenance of customs areas

There are many safety measures during the maintenance of machines and electric boards in buildings. However, it is difficult to arrange training sessions in customs areas.

Through the VR Training system, the tech can simulate the customs areas and let trainees get familiar with the actual environments in VR.

After having VR Training, technicians will have better safety measures and are much less likely to have accidents during maintenance.


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