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Innovations Lab to foster community learning and socialising in Western Australia

Innovations Lab to foster community learning and socialising in Western Australia

An announcement
made by the Government
of Western Australia
highlighted the launch of the Innovations Lab
located at the City of Stirling. A part of the Local Projects, Local Jobs
program, the Innovations Lab will be a perfect venue for the local community to
socialise and at the same time learn about computers, test out robotics and the
new technology.

The City of Stirling received A$50,000 from the Department of Local
Government, Sport and Cultural Industries
to develop the Innovations
Lab. With the launch of the new Innovations Lab, patrons of the Mirrabooka
Library now have an outlet for their creative juices. Library users can now
test out robotics and bring their creations to life.

and the Arts
Minister David Templeman attended the launch of the
library's Innovations Lab, a new interactive public space and digital hub for
the local community. Located at the City of Stirling, the lab is the first of
its kind among the city’s six libraries.

Stirling Mayor Mark Irwin and Mirrabooka MLA Janine Freeman
were also present during the launch of the lab. The Innovations Lab is
described as an ideal facility to educate and enhance people’s computer skills
and at the same time allowing them access to new technologies.

Regardless of background and digital literacy, lab users
will be encouraged to create, socialise and learn through a variety of
technological tools that are not available otherwise.

The project encourages the sharing and experimentation of
tools and materials such as 3D printing, robotics, software, music production
and other technologies. There will also be a series of co-ordinated workshops,
collaborative projects and events that will be conducted by library staff,
industry experts and volunteers as part of the project.

The project is part of the Local Projects, Local Jobs
program, which provides funding to grassroots programs and initiatives that
benefit local communities. This program provides grants to community
organisations, such as sporting groups and not-for-profit organisations, to
deliver important upgrades to facilities and programs as well as expand

Mayor Irwin said, “Not only does it have the ability to
connect people from all backgrounds with technology and each other, it provides
them with a physical learning space where they can create, experiment, and
learn, using a variety of digital tools.”

Mirrabooka MLA Janine Freeman said the lab was important for
the Mirrabooka area, which had an employment rate of 21 per cent.

City library services manager Ms Viv Barton said the City
urged schools and the community to join programs and work in the lab.  

Minister Templeman said, “The Innovations Lab will be a
great way for users to improve their creative and technological skills.”

He added, “Local libraries are also a hub for the community,
and I am sure this project will only encourage these social ties.”

He furthered, “The Local Projects, Local Jobs program has
funded many initiatives that have made a big difference to our communities, and
the Mirrabooka Library Innovations Lab will be no exception.”

Image Credit: OpenGov Asia

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