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KKU Engineering Students Develop Novel Smart Safety System

Image Credits: KKU, Press Release

Two computer engineering students of the Faculty of Engineering at the Khon Kaen University, as well as high-ranking professors with the University, gifted their “Smart Safety” system to Khon Kaen University for the protection of the campus and safety of the personnel, students and those visiting the university.

The Smart Safety project by the two engineering students was under a course of the Computer Engineering Department, and the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Wanida Kaen-akat, PhD, Dr Wasu Chao-panon and Asst. Prof. Witcha Fuangchan, Ph.D.

The rationale behind this project was from the development strategy of KKU into a university with Smart Campus where students and staff can stay and live conveniently and safely.

There are 15 entrances to the university where people from outside can enter. These are the risk points hard to control if there is a mishap or crime. 1,224 CCTV cameras have already been installed around the campus under the responsibility of the Security Division for surveillance of any bad event.

The “Smart Safety” is a system that can analyse a request for information in the network system. It then displays the results of the network with the CCTV layout chart to show the data through an application, with the point where the automatic alarm sends a signal.

The data from CCTV can be checked, and displayed in the forms of Status, Descriptions, Up Time, Total Time, with images from the CCTV via HTTP API. The results can be reported in details from the CCTV and the information from the Alarm can be sent by Email to the system manager. Different data from the CCTV in the network can be drawn by means of SNMP Protocol, in the form of report and working status.

Therefore, KKU will be able to analyse the events occurring by using the principle of network management. SNMP Protocol can be applied with CCTV cameras and enables quick solution when there is a problem with the system.

The system can be further developed to accommodate different usages and report results daily, weekly, annually with a comparison of the results in the form of Geospatial Analytics and future prediction using Machine Learning.

The student, who are both from the Computer Engineering Department, were appreciated for their abilities in making this Smart Safety system that can prevent unfortunate incidents on campus and bringing safety to students and staff as well as visitors to the University; and for donating the system and software to the University.

Growing demand for video surveillance

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