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Major Social Media Site to Upskill Thai Users

Thailand We Think Digital Programme
Image Credits: The Bangkok Post, News Article

A major networking service company, one of the world’s largest social media platforms, has launched a programme aimed at enhancing digital skills in Thailand.

The social media giant hopes to train 2 million people through the “We Think Digital” programme in Asia-Pacific by 2020.

It was noted that Thailand is the fifth country where the company has rolled out ‘We Think Digital Programme’ in APAC, as the country has a lot of the site’s users and the government is driving towards digital transformation and digital economy policy.

The firm co-developed the programme with experts and advisory groups with courses and activities tailored to the country.

The aim is to build digital skill and literacy that will serve as basic fundamentals to enable a high quality of digital citizenship that can utilise maximum positive benefit from digital technology, particularly social media.

The site has 56 million monthly active users in Thailand alone, of whom 55 million access the platform every month on mobile devices. The programme would usher in online and offline activities catering to people aged 13-25 and those above 45.

The firm partnered with a foundation for youth training and is working with a social change communication agency, to train young influencers to create online content that suits their audience. It also introduced a website for the programme for digital skills knowledge.

Basic knowledge for digital citizenship includes avoiding sharing personal data or accounts online, using two factors for identity authentication and making sure what is shared online fits the audience.

What people share online becomes a “digital footprint” that could have a consequence in the future.

The Vice-Minister of the Digital Economy and Society Ministry stated that Thais spend an average of 10 hours a day online and are among the top three social media user groups globally.

Creating digital literacy for youngsters and adults will facilitate the country’s transformation into a digital society.

On 20 November 2019, the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) joined a seminar organized by the social media platform.

The aim is to help Thai SMEs in the digital age connect to business through popular social media sites as well as receive tips on how to run a business from various experts in fields such as advertising.

The Managing Director of the Thai branch of the social media site stated that the site has launched its program to encourage more than 1,800 Thai entrepreneurs in different regions to learn how to use social media platforms and use the internet to create opportunities and income.

Promoting e-commerce in Thailand

The ETDA is also working to promote e-commerce in many parts of the country to drive the digital economy. By focusing on reducing disparity and developing digital skills in all groups of people, everyone can move forward. This will be done through projects such as:

  • Thailand e-Commerce Sustainability Project: This project will help drive and develop Thailand’s Digital Workforce and increase e-commerce skills for SMEs by sharing knowledge and real experience through various online channels
  • Internet for Better Life Project (IFBL): Aimed at children and the elderly, this project will help them use the internet appropriately and creatively. The program includes inspiration income-generation as well as proper cybersecurity protocols to raise awareness among children and those over the age of 80. This is because youth and seniors this year have reached 2.16 million consumers of online media.
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