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Malaysia gets Indian marketing agency firm

According to a recent report, a B2B technology marketing agency recently announced that it has expanded into Malaysia with a new office in Kuala Lumpur, bringing its go-to-market solutions including content marketing, demand generation, lead nurturing and account-based marketing.

The Malaysian branch of the firm is headed by a team of experts in telecommunications, big data analytics, eCommerce and publishing industries.

It was noted that that with the acceleration of competition for enterprise customers, technology companies are looking for sales and marketing solutions that can deliver better ROI and better-quality leads faster.

By employing B2B technology marketing best practices that have been tried and tested in other markets, the firm’s clients in Malaysia now have access to this expertise delivered by a team with local market experience.

The firm’s team of technology editors and performance marketers understand technology and that is something the agency’s clients appreciate as it speeds up the content creation process and enables them to design better campaign strategies.

According to the Group’s CEO and Director, there is a growing demand among Malaysian clients for expertise in delivering ROI-based campaigns. Also, similar cultural and business contexts also make Malaysia a good fit for the agency.

The arrival of the firm will additionally help push Malaysia’s IR 4.0 goals. According to the Blueprint, the Malaysian Government is looking for opportunities to apply the new technology and innovative techniques overseas firms can offer to the nation.

The goal for the future of manufacturing industry in Malaysia is not only to “make better things” by creating innovative products and services but also to “make things better,” by improving design, engineering, service planning and execution, management and production processes.

The IR 4.0 Framework notes that the overarching philosophy behind this Policy is A-C-T – Attract, Create and Transform.

  • Attract stakeholders to Industry 4.0 technologies & processes;
  • Create the right ecosystem for Industry 4.0 technologies to be adopted and to nurture innovations; and
  • Transform capabilities of the manufacturing industry to be Industry 4.0-ready.

While this Policy is designed for the manufacturing industry and its related services, the strategies are also applicable and could be replicated in other industries as well, albeit with different sets of priorities and action plans.

The aim of the IR 4.0 Policy is to focus on strategies towards creating differentiated talent acquisition, developing the required human capital and retaining the country’s existing talents by providing them with the right support.

The Government is working to improve the manufacturing and business processes by encouraging smart and strategic public-private partnerships; they remain committed to ensuring the manufacturing sector continues to contribute significantly to the nation’s economic prosperity.

Thus, to propel this further, the Government is moving towards improving the business environment to reform unfavourable or overly-bureaucratic policies, attracting high-value investments for greater economic development and strengthening the overall infrastructure for the manufacturing sector, while seeking greater partnerships with the industry.

As advancement and convergence of technologies are increasingly underpinning global manufacturing competitiveness, the Malaysian government acknowledges that many leading manufacturing firms have started to adopt and implement smart manufacturing solutions where advanced hardware are now combined with advanced software, sensors as well as data analytics.

This move has resulted in smarter products, processes, and more closely connected customers and suppliers along the firms’ value chains. The Government’s role in the whole transformation process is as an enabler, as such, the IR 4.0 Policy is aimed at ensuring the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies is done as seamless as possible.

Thus, the arrival of the Indian marketing agency will enable these goals to be met and help move the country towards becoming a more tech-driven economy.

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