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Malaysian developing digital infrastructure plan

The government via the Communications and Multimedia Ministry, along with other relevant agencies is working together with major communications service providers to develop a comprehensive digital infrastructure plan to meet the people’s needs.

Communications and Multimedia Minister stated that discussions at the National Digital Infrastructure Laboratory (IDN Lab) had commenced on 13 July 2020 with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) as its facilitator.

These firms had also briefed him on the latest development of the talks in Parliament today, he added.

In its first two weeks of the discussion, the Minister noted that the IDN Lab had agreed in principle on the nation’s aspirations and needed achievements concerning broadband coverage and services.

The Minister noted that special focus is being placed on plans to widen coverage in rural and remote areas, besides also improving broadband services as a whole.

The availability of existing digital infrastructure information as well as other relevant data from various sources would also be enhanced to enable more effective planning.

The results of the final discussions of the IDN Lab to finalise targets related to the development of the country’s digital infrastructure would be known in mid-August.

The government is concerned and aware of the people’s wish to enjoy a satisfactory level of connectivity and quality of experience in communications services.

The Minister stated, “the need for digital connectivity is becoming increasingly important, especially after Covid-19. The planning and construction of a more thorough, comprehensive and quality digital infrastructure that supports the economic sectors and new growth areas have become important aspects.

The results of the IDN Lab will provide a solid foundation very much needed for the 4th Industrial Revolution and 5G mobile technology.

Looking at the progress of the IDN Lab discussions so far, the Minister expressed confidence that a comprehensive digital infrastructure plan could be finalised to enable key sectors to benefit from the digital economy environment and new norms.

According to another article, the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia (KKMM), through the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), hopes more industries will join the 5G Demonstration Projects, which will be held until the end of this year.

Its Minister stated that so far, a total of 71 5G Demonstration Projects had been successfully carried out and which would be helpful towards the government’s preparation to implement the 5G technology commercially later on.

For individual usage, KKMM is working to optimise 4G access for now, but for industries, there is a need for 5G technology.

The Minister noted that as for the oil and gas industry, only Petronas had joined the demonstration project, although his ministry believes that more companies from the industry would be keen to use the 5G technology later on.

In addition, the government is currently evaluating the level of usage and function of the 873 Internet centres nationwide.

This evaluation will help the government determine how much these Internet centres are being used and how up to date their assets are.

Various ministries will then determine if these centres can still be used or not; the situation will be clearer by the end of this year, the Minister assured.

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