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MIMOS is charting Malaysia’s tech agenda

The interim president and CEO of MIMOS is working to bring Malaysia’s applied R&D agency to greater heights with technology innovations that drive industry transformation.

MIMOS had a big role to play in helping the nation move forward in technology. Pioneer initiatives such as Jaring (Malaysia’s first Internet service provider), National ICT Security & Emergency Response Centre (later rebranded CyberSecurity Malaysia), MyNIC (administrator of web addresses ending with .my in Malaysia), National IT Agenda (NITA) and Multimedia Super Corridor.

In the long run, MIMOS aims to strengthen its network of technology recipients and strategic partners to create a consistent army of resellers and corresponding technology adopters.

The agency is also creating a sustainable business partner model where it will closely work with the industry to deliver more value to the government, industry, academia and rakyat.

Engaging the academic world

As an agency that promotes innovation, MIMOS sees the importance of nurturing the younger generation so that they will become interested in science and technology.

An agency like MIMOS will cease to be relevant if future leaders do not show explore technology. This is where collaboration with universities come in; it is of the agency’s CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiatives.

To achieve this, MIMOS engages the Education Ministry on talent exchange programmes.

Key leaders in MIMOS are encouraged to share their knowledge with universities through curriculum recommendation and industrial placement so that students are ready when they go to the market. This will solve the pairing issue and ensure the industry will have ready products.

Currently, most public universities and some private ones are part of the programme. MIMOS also sends staff to teach at universities or have students go to the agency to learn.

Some MoUs have already been signed. For example, with UNITAR on a data analytics programme.

In addition, MIMOS had many technology platforms; universities are free to could use them. SEGi University, for example, is experimenting with artificial intelligence (AI).

MIMOS is also involved in the government’s SL1M (Skim Latihan 1Malaysia management trainee) programme, where the agency hires fresh graduates to work on its projects.

Meaningful technologies

The next big thing that would affect the industry was Industry 4.0 technologies. These include AI, big data, Internet of Things, blockchain, augmented reality, cybersecurity and smart manufacturing.

Industry 4.0 is a new phase in the industrial revolution that focuses heavily on interconnectivity, automation, machine learning and real-time data.

As the world embraces Industry 4.0, it is critical for businesses to keep pace with the times. Industries must be competitive and at least on a par with if not ahead of others in terms of innovation and use of technology.

Under the 12th Malaysia Plan, MIMOS will look into big data, Internet of Things and analytics.

Since the 10th Malaysia Plan, MIMOS has started putting its technology in places like the Social Security Organisation and Health Ministry, with solutions like data warehousing.

In addition, the Government’s AI-based video analytics solution is used in police lock-ups. It monitors aggressive and suspicious behaviours of detainees. MIMOS’ recent developments include indoor location tracking, licence plate recognition, government services like digital identification and AI in the capital market and accounting.

MIMOS also established the Centre of AI for Future Industry with Microsoft last year, working with various universities in developing AI, data science and other Industry 4.0 technologies.

The next five years for MIMOS

MIMOS anticipates exponential growth of its technology solutions for the country and sees the agency becoming a key driver of national development post-2020, as well as providing up-to-date global technology and the corresponding talent pool.

The agency will intensify efforts in transforming the industry and boosting the government delivery system.

The use of big data analytics and AI will enhance strategising, the efficiency of service delivery and reporting.

At the rate technology is advancing, it is hard to imagine where and how Malayasia will be in five years. However, MIMOS has stated that their role is to contribute to the nation’s digital transformation.

With solid support from MITI and close working relationships with other government agencies, industry and academia, we foresee MIMOS’ increasing relevance and contribution.

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