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Novel 5G Solutions Showcased in Thailand

5G Solutions in Thailand

A leading mobile operator recently announced that it has developed various solutions for 5G tech adoption after a year of collaboration with its partners.

The solutions could serve several major vertical industries, leveraging innovative technologies like robotics, remote control vehicles, 3D holograms, telehealth, connected drones and smart logistics.

The company has operated 5G testbeds in all five regions nationwide, collaborating with universities, partners and the telecom regulator.

The Head of Nationwide Operations And Support at the firm stated that the proper time for commercial 5G use cases in the country depends on when related industries are ready to adopt the high-speed internet network and the ecosystem involved.

The telecom has partnered with global vendors, operators and innovative tech developers for 5G. A source in the telecom industry disclosed that the firm’s partners on 5G tech include the world’s largest mobile operator by subscription base and a mobile operator.

Several industrial players have talked with AIS about collaboration on 5G tech adoption in the future.

The firm launched a 5G tech showcase at Samyan Mitrtown shopping mall, scheduled to run until 3 January 2020. The showcase is being held to inform Thais about the benefits of 5G technology in various fields of application.

5G will enhance internet speed, boost the capability of IoT device connectivity and ensure a fast, stable and responsive network.

Five innovative features linked to 5G tech are on display at the mall. They consist of 5G 3D holograms, 5G video calls, robotics, remote control vehicles and connected drones. The first time for 5G hologram 3D technology to be showcased in Thailand.

The technology will be useful when applied to business meetings, distance education, medicine, agriculture, and fashion and entertainment jobs, as well as in developing games.

The demonstration of remote driverless vehicle technology via 5G is the result of a collaboration between the Digital Research and Innovation Institute, Prince of Songkla University and the firm.

The presentation will showcase the potential of the 5G network with high speed, low latency and fast response times.

Remote-control drones will also be demonstrated between Bangkok and Nakhon Ratchasima, giving an idea of how unmanned flying vehicles can be operational in the 5G era with high speed and low latency. The drone can be controlled remotely via a mobile network.

Pushing 5G Tech in Thailand

Interest in 5G wireless network technology has been on the rise in Thailand and around the world recently, an OpenGov Asia article notes.

This is a result of the array of related-use cases, Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that capitalise on the ultra-fast.

5G network deployment in Thailand is expected to start next year, with experiments building up business use cases, while full competition in 5G business is expected by 2021.

Drones, remote-controlled vehicles, robotics, smart homes, smart factories, smart farms and smart healthcare are expected to be the first tier of 5G use cases, according to analysts.

Industry players have confirmed their full commitment to a 5G network in Thailand as it will go beyond connectivity and increase business productivity and use cases, giving consumers access to innovative public services.

In this way, through events, showcases and exhibitions, the public can gain a better understanding of 5G technology and the benefits of its implementation.

Moreover, private and public entities can meet and discuss collaborations the develop better technologies to improve the lives of Thai citizens and grow the digital economy.

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