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NSW Government to release centralised website

The Department of Customer Service is collaborating across government to help agencies get ready to retire little-used sites or merge information to the centralised online home of the NSW Government.

According to a recent press release, a trial version of the refreshed website will go live at the end of February 2020.

About the initiative

The website will include information on drought relief, bushfire assistance, and births, deaths and marriages.

The website will be progressively upgraded and incorporate customer feedback.

Moreover, it will be closely modelled off the United Kingdom’s one-stop-shop www.gov.uk website.

According to Minister for Customer Service Victor Dominello, the new website will provide customers with a more user-friendly website.

The people rightly expect a seamless digital experience when purchasing goods and services. It should be no different when dealing with the government.

The new one-stop-shop website will save people time and provide taxpayers with value for money by slashing tens of millions of dollars of costs over the next decade.

Websites are often the first point of contact between citizens and government. They deliver information and provide a convenient platform for transactions.

Similar initiatives

A similar initiative was done by Western Australia in 2018. OpenGov reported that the Western Australian Government launched their redeveloped whole-of-government website.

The WA.gov.au website aims to bring government online services and information closer to Western Australians by making them easier to find and access.

More than 600 online services, including information and data, are now available through the single entry point website.

The website was developed after consultation with the public using a test website, and in collaboration with government agencies who deliver the bulk of services to the community.

The simple, modern design aligns with accessibility best practice requirements and allows for the easy downloading of information in case of poor internet connectivity.

This allows all Western Australians to search for services and information easily and at their convenience.

Meanwhile, the New Zealand Government’s Housing Dashboard sets the baseline for the Government build programme.

It is a single place to track progress of key parts of the Government’s housing programme.

The Dashboard confirms record numbers of state houses are under construction and shows the Government build programme is gaining momentum.

It aims to demonstrate what people are experiencing by tracking how many families have bought their first home, how many households are in public housing, and how many new homes are being built.

It tracks aspects of the current housing situation, the government outputs in response, and its results.

The Government housing programme dashboard is published by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, using publicly available information from various government agencies and partners.

OpenGov reported on an in-depth look at GovTech’s common hosting platform for Singapore Government websites.

In October 2016, the Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech) introduced a common hosting platform for government websites, called the Content Websites Platform (CWP), to support the government agencies in improving the digital shopfront and the user experience.

The CWP is a common secured environment based on a resilient, robust and controlled platform, which provides a suite of standardised software for hosting content-based websites.

It enables unclassified government websites to be centrally managed and operated on public cloud, bringing the benefits of convenience, greater security, optimisation of resources, faster deployment speed and cost savings through economies of scale.

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