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Parking.sg app now available for motorcyclists and motorists driving heavy vehicles

Parkingsg app now available for motorcyclists and motorists driving heavy vehicles

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), Housing & Development
Board (HDB)and the Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech) announced
through a joint
press release
from the that the Parking.sg
app will be available for motorcycles and heavy vehicles from 20 December.

URA, HDB and GovTech developed the Parking.sg app to provide
a quick and convenient way for motorists to pay digitally for short-term
parking at coupon-based car parks. The development of the app was announced
in May 2017. Made
available for cars since 1 October 2017
, the Parking.sg app is a demonstration
of how digital technology can be applied in practical ways to make citizens’
lives more convenient in a Smart Nation.

The mobile app is a quick and convenient way to pay for
parking at all the 1,100 public car parks that currently use paper coupons
(motorists need not use the Parking.sg app for short term parking at car parks
implemented with the Electronic Pricing System). In the beginning the app
was available only for cars.

From 20 December 2017, motorcyclists and motorists driving
heavy vehicles will be able to use the Parking.sg app to pay for parking.
 With the extension to motorcycles and heavy vehicles, the Parking.sg app is
now available for use by all vehicle types in Singapore.  

Motorists simply have to key in their vehicle number, select
the correct car park code, indicate their parking duration and start parking. They
can refer to the signage at the entrance of public car parks and along kerbside
car parks for the respective car park codes. 

The mobile app automatically calculates the charges that
motorists have to pay based on 30-minute blocks. If motorists end their parking
session earlier, they will receive a refund and will only be charged on a per
minute basis. Parking charges for motorcycles will be capped at 65 cents per
day or night session per car park, similar to current rates.

The mobile app will prompt motorists when their parking
session is about to expire so they can extend the duration of their parking
session, if required, at their convenience. 

To date, the Parking.sg app has been downloaded more than
300,000 times on iOS and Android. In addition, approximately 152,000 unique
vehicles have registered more than a million parking sessions. 

We would like to remind motorists who are using Parking.sg
to activate the app to begin their parking session once they have parked their
vehicle, as enforcement checks by patrolling officers will continue to be

Motorists who wish to use parking coupons can still do so,
as parking coupons remain in use. 

The involved agencies have taken in user feedback early in
the product development cycle through various trials and enhanced the app with
new features along the way. The agencies are exploring additional app features
in the future, such as allowing the export of parking history, and including enhanced map features to facilitate car park selection. They will continue
to take in feedback from the public on how the app can be improved.  

Featured imageProjectManhattan / CC BY-SA 3.0

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