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Southeast Asian e-scooter service launches in Malaysia

According to a recent report, a Southeast Asian e-scooter service announced that it will launch its e-scooter sharing services in Malaysia as part of the company’s regional expansion plans.

The launch in Cyberjaya makes it the fourth major Southeast Asian city to offer the company’s personal mobility service, after Singapore, Bangkok, and Chiang Mai.

The personal mobility service owns and operates the largest e-scooter sharing fleet in Singapore and Thailand, and will start deploying the e-scooters at key commercial spots in Cyberjaya as part of a pilot programme to assess feasibility and demand in the Multimedia Super Corridor of Malaysia.

The e-scooter company’s CEO stated that at the core of the company’s growth is its goal to improve personal mobility in cities, adding that Cyberjaya is on its way to becoming Malaysia’s smartest city, and the company looks and its members are glad to be able to contribute towards this goal by solving the issues of last mile mobility.

The company uses real-time telematics and geospatial simulation models for predictive analytics and network optimisation. First-time riders are required to go through an instructional series on safety before they start using the service.

It was noted that cities are becoming both bigger and smarter, and new cities like Cyberjaya offer a unique opportunity for companies to develop intelligent infrastructure from the ground up. The CEO added that smart transportation is not just an alternative, to some it may soon become the de-facto choice for urban commutes. It is the company’s vision to build reliable technologies to answer the need for personal mobility in these populated zones.

The personal mobility service emphasises heavily on building a sustainable platform to drive growth in smart city initiatives by further funding the development of technologies which will culminate in the imminent launch of their own commercial-grade e-scooter, a world first, to enhance robustness and rider safety while complying with PMD laws across Southeast Asia.

Beyond Malaysia, the company has also set its sights on other major cities in the region. The launch comes on the heels of a partnership with Thailand’s Sansiri Public Company Limited and follows a recent S$5 million raise to expand their last mile connectivity services to Asia Pacific’s biggest and most congested cities.

According to an earlier report, the company raised US$3.66 million to enhance urban mobility in the Southeast Asian region.

In addition to using the funds to expand its presence across the region, the company will also be developing a superior commercial grade, UL certificate-compliant e-scooter that will set a new standard for enhanced robustness and rider safety.

The company has a proprietary supply chain for its scooters, allowing them greater control over the manufacturing of scooters and enabling quicker scale up.

The company strongly believes in working with local governments to create a safe and positive riding experience. It was one of the first to incorporate geo-fencing technology to ensure scooters are parked within designated parking zones.

First-time riders are required to go through an instructional series on safety before they start using the service, and the company will be unveiling a ‘Ride Responsibly’ campaign soon that focuses on user education.

It was noted that the company is positioned favourably to rapidly expand across Southeast Asia through its use of homegrown IOT, predictive analytics, and network optimisation, enabling its vision of working collaboratively with cities and local stakeholders to drive growth in smart city initiatives.

Last year, the company had planned to expand beyond Singapore to regions in SEA and the broader Asia-Pacific region – goals that the company has so far manifested.

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