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Study finds Hongkongers keen to see AI in health management

The Hong Kong branch of an American insurance firm has found that Hongkongers are keen to use artificial intelligence (AI) to help monitor their health and believe that AI has more advantages compared to traditional health platforms.

The insurance company’s inaugural “Hong Kong Smart Health Action Index” survey – held in collaboration with the Hong Kong Productivity Council – is hoped to have found a greater understanding of Hongkonger’s attitudes and expectations in adopting health tech to improve their overall health and well-being.

According to the survey, 93% of respondents were keen to understand their health conditions, of which 69% were interested in using tech devices such as mobile apps, smart wearables, and other electronic devices to manage their health.

Respondents were most interested in using these devices for the self-assessment of health conditions, detection of early symptoms of diseases (69%), as well as conducting initial medical consultation or checks (65%).

Asked about their preference towards using AI for health management, 80% of respondents said they were open to leverage AI technology in managing their health. 76% preferred using AI for health assessments; 64% would use it for health condition monitoring and alerts, and 56% would use it for medical consultations.

Most of the respondents agreed that there were more advantages in using AI compared to traditional health platforms, including an AI’s ability to provide immediate responses (91%), without temporal or geographical limitations (82%), and being able to provide more accurate answers (76%).

Also, 69% of respondents agreed that health-related mobile apps could help them in managing their health.

The firm’s Chief Customer and Marketing Officer stated that the company is pleased to see that Hong Kong people have sufficient trust and acceptance of health management technology.

While it is expected that the demand for health-tech applications to continue rising in Hong Kong, the firm believes AI will be key in empowering people to take greater control of their health.

According to another article, the firm recently extended its “Pulse” app’s service to the Hong Kong, offering multiple features to help customers monitor their health and provide extra protection for Hongkongers in the fight against COVID-19.

The Pulse app incorporates an AI-powered chatbot through which users can get localised yet clinically-validated information and recommendations over symptoms. The function offers users a better understanding of worrying symptoms and directs them to seek further advice from healthcare professionals.

A digital questionnaire is also included in the app. By answering questions about lifestyle, diet, mental health, medical history, and family history, users can get a health report and insights into long-term disease risks.

Other features include a hospital guide with real-time information about the accident and emergency service and an air pollution index. Additionally, users can use the app to build a realistic 3D representation of their bodies.

Through Pulse, the firm will be putting an accessible and affordable health service into the hands of every person, by combining human expertise with the power of technology.

Without leaving home, users can take advantage of the 24/7 self-service to access useful health and wellness insights and information based on their personal needs.

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