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Thailand’s DEPA signs deal Singaporean IoT innovators

Image Credits: FutureIoT, News Report

According to a recent report, Thailand’s Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA) has signed agreements with six regional Internet of Things (IoT) innovators for the exchange of know-how and technology.

Signed in Singapore in February 2019, the agreements are expected to boost the agency’s Digital Park Thailand and IoT Institute Initiative under the Thailand 4.0 policy, the government’s ambitious 20-year strategy to move Thailand toward a tech-centric and value-based economy.

DEPA signed the memorandum of agreements with six companies – one that provides an enterprise-grade multi-role access control management platform and smart-lock solution; one company that provides IoT connectivity and solutions; an early stage venture capital firm focusing on IT and digital media investments; a satellite communication service, a gaming tech company, and a data analytics firm.

The Senior Executive Vice President of DEPA noted that these partnerships will strengthen and enhance Thailand’s resources and help us gain a competitive position in the IoT industry within the ASEAN market. Ultimately, these agreements will improve the lives of the Thai people.

The gaming platform provides professional 3D automotive design, industrial and architectural services as well as film and animation services.

According to DEPA, its partnership with this firm is essential in supporting digital transformation efforts for SMEs and manufacturing as well as Thailand’s creative industries in film and animation.

The big data analytics company, on the other hand, is the licensee of the gaming platform in Thailand.

DEPA has also explored investment and development opportunities with Asia’s first IoT dedicated network operator in Singapore and Taiwan selling solutions in 28 countries.

It was noted that Thailand is a key market in the ASEAN region to develop digital capabilities in the area of industrial automation, agriculture, tourism, education and healthcare.

The MoU covers opportunities such as opening a training centre within the Thailand EEC digital park to explore the development of turnkey IoT solutions for Thailand’s small-medium enterprises and large companies.

Meanwhile, one of the firms, which is an enterprise-grade smart padlock, smart cabinet locks, and a pioneer in portable Sigfox-Bluetooth gateway SigWAV, is developing innovations such as state-of-the-art access control, security systems technology, and IoT gateways.

The venture capital company, which has a long history of working with government agencies, will be providing DEPA and the Thai government with expertise on funding start-ups.

Singapore-based IoT company will be providing services in various industries such as warehouses, logistics, freight forwarding, intelligent transportation, and e-passport tools with state-of-the-art technologies such as NB-IoT, Satcom, GPRS, and Active and Passive RFID.

In partnership with DEPA, the company is eyeing to develop and expand innovative technologies and provide its solutions to the Digital Park Thailand and IoT Institute in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC).

It was noted that this official DEPA MoU signing with the six major companies in Singapore is considered continuing progress of integrated development, reinforcing the growth of Thailand’s digital economy to international standards as part of ‘Thailand 4.0’ policy.

Given Thailand’s goals to enhance digital technology, developing personnel capabilities through partnerships with leading Singapore companies, and its pursuit to exchanging knowledge with partners from many countries, ‘Thailand 4.0’ policy will be a kick starter to the future generation of Thai digital business operators.

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