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Use of AI on the Rise in Vietnam

The use of artificial intelligence in Vietnam has significantly increased. Businesses and the government have deployed the technology in several applications to enhance governance and ease of living. For instance, citizens can use an app that turns voice into text, an app that supervises drivers, a camera that recognises people under protective masks and a multi-cognitive AI platform.

As per an industry report, by 2030, AI will contribute US$ 13 trillion more to the economy or 1.2% of the GDP of the globe. In Vietnam, the AI community has significant potential. The government has set policies to promote the development of AI applications, including the national strategy for researching, developing, and applying AI by 2030. Under the strategy, the country will step up AI R&D and transform the sector into an important technology field in Vietnam in the 4.0 industry revolution. The research and deployment will contribute to socio-economic development.

Vietnam ranks 26th in the world in AI research capacity, in accordance with an international ranking. There is not a big gap between AI research in Vietnam and in European countries such as Poland and Spain. Recently, OpenGov Asia reported that Vietnam ranked 6th out of 10 ASEAN member countries and 55th globally in the 2022 Government AI Readiness Index, up seven places compared to 2021. The country’s average score reached 53.96 (up from 51.82 in 2021), surpassing the global average of 44.61.

The Government AI Readiness Index assesses the AI readiness of governments from 181 countries in harnessing AI applications to operate and deliver their services. The index is used as a tool to compare the current state of government AI readiness in countries and regions across the globe to learn from useful experiences toward further development.

AI and Big Data have become important factors in the business strategy of enterprises. They help enterprises use big data to optimise work efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and reduce business costs. In Vietnam, AI is being applied in smart urban areas, healthcare, insurance, smart agriculture and environmental technology.

The level of technology throughout East Asia is growing, and 9 East Asian countries have unicorn companies (companies worth over US$ 1 billion each). This is an increase from 2021 when East Asian countries had 6 unicorn companies. Vietnam, the Philippines, and Malaysia all have additional companies that meet the above conditions. The region is in a good position for the development of the technology industry because of its young population with high digital skills and the ability to quickly adapt to digital solutions.

Some large economic groups have developed AI R&D centres in Vietnam, attracting the world’s leading experts in the field. There is also a high number of innovative startups using AI in new products and services. These include the Intelligent Healthcare System for Vietnamese People (VAIPE), a product to convert Vietnamese voice into text (VAIS), a driver monitoring system (DMS), and a camera that recognises people under protective masks. Most recently, one of the largest tech companies in the country introduced a multi-cognitive AI platform that helps Vietnamese enterprises use AI and Big Data solutions in their production and business activities. This is one of the pioneering platforms in Vietnam in bringing chatbots closer to enterprises, improving service quality and enhancing consumer experiences.

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