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Vietnam launches health app to manage COVID-19

All Vietnamese citizens will able to declare their health status via an NCOVI mobile app.

The app was introduced to the public earlier this week, according to a press statement by the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC).

This is the latest effort of Vietnam in the fight against the COVID-19, which has spread to more than 100 countries and territories with 111,332 infections and 3,879 deaths.

With this app, Vietnamese citizens can install it on their mobile phones and then provide their personal information as requested.

After installation completed, citizens can update their daily health status and they can also provide information to the best of their knowledge about cases suspected of having the COVID-19 in their residential areas.

The app was made at the request of the Deputy Prime Minister, Vu Duc Dam, head of the Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control.

Data collected through the app will help the nation’s health sector to identify who needs medical assistance in the fastest and most effective manner, the Deputy Prime Minister noted.

The app also serves as an official channel for competent authorities to disseminate the COVID-19 epidemic situation as well as health recommendations to citizens.

Vietnam recently announced it would issue a decree on the management of digital sharing. The deputy director of the Information Technology Centre, Vietnam Social Insurance, said his agency had been aware of the role of data sharing for a long time.

Their database included 86 million people with health insurance and about 15 million people participating in social insurance, which is one of the largest data stores in the country.

Other countries are also using innovative tech solutions to mitigate the impacts of the virus. As OpenGov reported last month, Singapore’s Ministry of Trade and Industry launched a new chatbot to aid employers to stay updated on the news following the COVID-19 virus.

The online bot provides answers based on the programmed questions on the existing situation. Employers are able to find out more information such as the help that is available for them and how to ensure business continuity in these trying times.

The bot will serve to provide companies with timely information and updates on the situation regarding the virus.

They are also able to get information on the measures for helping people and businesses which were announced during the recent Budget 2020. This includes a US $4 billion package to support and stabilise the economy.

Chatbots are a common feature used by most government agencies in Singapore. Government websites often come with a chatbot function which provides immediate and ease of access to information.

The country is also the third in the world to culture the virus. The cultured virus will be used for creating new diagnostic efforts, monitoring potential mutation and testing for potential vaccine and drugs.

It will also allow for the eventual development of early-diagnostic tests to detect the virus in asymptomatic patients. The development of vaccines and cures will be possible as well.

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