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Vietnam To Issue E-Certificates For COVID-19 Vaccination

Image credit: Ministry of Information and Communications

The National Centre for Technology on COVID-19 Prevention and Control has announced that electronic certificates for the virus vaccinations will now be issued at citizens’ requests. According to a press release, the agency said that the overall model of COVID-19 prevention technology systems includes proactive attack and defence and anti-epidemic systems.

Active defence systems include epidemic risk monitoring systems, feedback processing systems, quarantine monitoring systems, tracing systems, check-point monitoring systems, and testing systems. In particular, the epidemic risk monitoring system is based on the collection of medical declaration data, monitoring data at industrial parks, social networks, people’s compliance, and vaccination speed to assess the risk of COVID-19 in each locality.

To fight the pandemic, the country launched popular technologies like Bluezone, VHD, Ncovi, VHD, and QR code scanning, several new technology solutions will be launched soon. Bluezone witnessed an increase of 2.5 million installations since April when the fourth wave broke out. As of 24 May, there were 33.06 million Bluezone downloads. Of this, more than 20.58 million people have entered their mobile phone numbers on the app. As such, the number of people providing their phone numbers to state agencies had increased by one million.

An official from the National Centre for Technology for COVID-19 Prevention and Control said that apart from these solutions, the agency will unveil the immunisation management system and the electronic certificate of COVID-19 vaccine immunisation. Currently, the national immunisation management system has been put into operation and has a COVID-19 vaccination management component. Information about citizens who have been vaccinated will be managed on the system and included in electronic health records. In the coming time, people will be granted electronic certificates for COVID-19 vaccination at their request, according to an official.

The electronic certificate for COVID-19 vaccination is designed to comply with current popular standards so that it can be integrated with and accepted by other countries. The Ministry of Health’s recent report on measures to prevent and control the epidemic pointed out a number of technology applications that are being developed by the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) in coordination with related agencies. This includes specialised bracelets for managing people during quarantine and post-quarantine periods, vehicle monitoring platforms, and digital vaccine passports.

OpenGov Asia had reported earlier that the national flag carrier Vietnam Airlines, in coordination with the International Air Transport Association (IATA), launched the digital health application IATA Travel Pass. The IATA Travel Pass is a mobile app that allows travellers to store and manage certifications for COVID-19 tests or vaccines. The app is available in iOS and Android stores. The move makes Vietnam Airlines the first airline in Vietnam to sign an agreement with IATA to pilot this application, which is considered the key to open up the border, facilitating passengers’ travel between countries, and meeting all entry requirements of authorities and governments of countries. IATA is committed to supporting and closely coordinating with Vietnam Airlines throughout the trial period. The information provided through the IATA Travel Pass can be used by governments requiring testing or vaccination proof as a condition of international travel during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a secure means to manage health requirements and is much more efficient than paper processes.

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