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Web-based application boosts data accessibility for Indonesian students

The Airlangga University, in Indonesia, has developed a web-based application to help the academic community of the University’s Faculty of Dentistry in recording important data.

According to a recent report, the Digital Academic Multiapps (DAM) is equipped with four major features.

The four features are Advanced Environmental Gates of Information (AEGIS), Extended Algorithm E-mail System (Enamail System), Online Study Plan Cards (KRS) Professional Education, and the  Academic Information Systems (SIAKAD) Online Professional Education.

The Advanced Environmental Gates of Information (AEGIS) feature enables the academic community to store and to access complete and comprehensive data quickly and accurately, which minimises the risk of data loss.

Moreover, this feature is equipped with a legalised online diploma feature for the alumni. Alumni can still request for a physical copy of their diploma when needed.

The Extended Algorithm E-mail System (Enamail System) was developed to address the problem of replying to emails from thousands of alumni, spread across the world, by pressing a single button.

The Online Study Plan (KRS) Card Professional Education allows for education to be done online. The curriculum structure of the study program is based on training items or specific skills competencies needed in handling dental patients.

This feature makes it easier to report on the results of daily activities for the management, the lecturers, as well as the students.

It makes evaluating, monitoring, validating and reporting on daily tasks and actions much easier to do.

The last feature is the Academic Information System (SIAKAD) Online Professional Education. It is a clear assessment system that summarises the performance of students in real time.

The assessment system is based on the standards that were agreed upon by all of the joint lecturers related to the assessment. Therefore, it is protected and free from any form of manipulation and biases.

The web-based application is now accessible to the whole Faculty of Dentistry academic community after its official launch.

The application makes it easier for the internal community to be able to recap all the achievements and experiences within the whole Faculty.

Moreover, the application can also keep track of the usage of facilities and infrastructure such as laboratories and its tools. Dentistry requires clinical and laboratory education in its curriculum as well.

Before its existence, the data on the usage of tools and materials in the laboratories is recorded manually, with the use of books and paper, which may lead to inaccuracies or worse, data loss.

With the DAM system, a more detailed recording of information is possible. This allows the information to be available and accessible online and in real time.

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