Thailand Utilises Drones for Smart Farm Projects

Additional innovative farm projects have been established in Thailand using drones to spray drugs, inject fertilisers and inject various chemicals to save costs, enhance farmers’ safety and drive efficiency in the agricultural sector.

Singapore Boosts Measures Against Scam SMS

Organisations using alphanumeric Sender IDs to send SMS now must register with the SSIR. Starting from 31 January, any non-registered SMS will be labelled as “Likely-SCAM”. This will function similarly to a spam filter or spam bin.

Local Governments to Boost China’s Digital Economy

In 2023, several local governments in China plan to boost the national digital economy by creating blueprints for future sectors such as the metaverse and an immersive virtual environment enabled by virtual reality and augmented reality.

India Integrates AI Skills into Public School Curriculum

The government in collaboration with an industry player has unveiled a compendium with 70 lesson plans to promote digital readiness. The new methodology is expected to shift teaching pedagogies from traditional to digital with increased efficiency.

AI and ML to Better Understand Earth Systems

Scientists and researchers held a workshop to discuss AI and ML deployment to increase the effectiveness of managing complex work in environmental science to predict the Earth’s systems better.