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AR Trail Highlights Heartland Culture, Heritage in Singapore 

A first-of-its-kind curated Augmented Reality trail was recently launched tag as the “Heartland Gems @ South West Augmented Reality (AR) Trail” in collaboration with the South West Community Development Council (CDC), SG Digital Office (SDO), Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), Corporate Alliance for Good Ltd (CAforGood), and LDR Technology Pte Ltd in support with the Digital for Life (DfL) movement.

This programme aims to inspire locals to develop new digital skills while appreciating the rich history, culture, and heritage of the heartland.

By marrying the old with the new, we have created an engaging and novel way to experience and enjoy local history, culture, and heritage through smart technology. Families from the young to the old can have fun together exploring the sights and sounds of our Bukit Gombak gems – turning what used to be familiar before, into interesting discoveries.

– Low Yen Ling, Minister of State, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth and Ministry of Trade and Industry and Mayor of South West District

The minister added that the initiative offers a platform for introducing technology to those who are less computer literate. Singapore can foster greater digital inclusion by building secure and enjoyable learning environments where everyone may take advantage of technology. By participating in, appreciating, and co-creating the AR historical paths together, the communities get closer.

Fifteen outstanding picturesque locations, including Little Guilin and the Neighborhood Food Centre, are part of the first route at Bukit Gombak. Residents can learn interesting facts and history about the locations and the stories of the hawkers and merchants using AR on the Locomole app and QR codes placed strategically along the trails. They can also play minigames at various locations and take amusing photos with 3D AR objects.

A group of SIT students created the heart-shaped logo, which incorporates neighbourhood abstracts and street iconography and has a QR code included. These students also contributed to the creation of some of the content for the Locomole app’s AR trails.

Additionally, the SDO made use of its network of Digital Ambassadors and young volunteers from ITE College West and the Boys’ Brigade to teach the less tech-savvy elderly and citizens how to use the AR and QR codes necessary for the activity. Approximately 25 older citizens from social service organisations were among the trail’s first visitors.

The partnership is another illustration of the 3Ps’ (Private, Public, and People) successful application. To encourage more Singaporeans to embrace digital as a lifetime endeavour and to use digital technologies to improve their lives, the project intends to inspire like-minded partners to come forward and Play-a-Part in co-creating important initiatives like this.

On the other hand, SIT is excited to be a part of this effort to develop a Smart Heritage model in Singapore by utilising augmented and virtual reality to collect and present historical events. Combining digital and physical encounters that can bring local history to life.

Meanwhile, OpenGov Asia earlier reported the attraction of a project called “Adapting Waterfronts: Postcards from the future, Singapore 2122” -an interactive installation that examines the effects of climate change and sea-level rise 100 years from now. The exhibition includes “Postcards from the Future” that were created by scientists, architects, and artists and show how sea-level rise will be adapted in the twenty-first century. This includes a component of a guided tour that uses an AR installation to visualise location-based changes over time at locations, bringing the past, present, and future to life.

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