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Fair to help Malaysian youth meet the country’s digital needs

According to a recent report, the #mydigitalmaker Fair returns this year and it will be held from 29 September to 30 September 2018 and will be held at Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil.

The fair is designed to provide students, teachers and parents with a hands-on digital experience by featuring activities, such as robotics, drone-making and racing, 3D printing, career talks and digital-based competitions. The fair is part of a movement under the same name which is an initiative to prepare the next generation for the future of work.

Organised by the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) with the support of the Education Ministry, it was established to address the nation’s need to equip its young with the skill set and mindset that will help them excel in jobs of the digital world.

Through a public-private-academic partnership, the Movement aims to transform youth from users of digital technology to digital producers.

The start of any change is through education. The ministry believes that by empowering youth with knowledge, they can not only embrace digital technology but also contribute to its growth. Malaysia wants to see its youth become producers and makers of the digital world; the first step is to equip them with the right skills and thinking approach.

The campaign has made it possible for youth to be exposed to the wonders of the digital world. MoE is committed to ‘futureproofing’ students through the integration of digital technology into the national school curriculum, according to the Deputy Director-General for Education Policy and Development.

The movement focuses on exposing youth to digital creativity and innovation by integrating computer science and computational thinking into the school curriculum, as well as via after-school programmes.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation said that tasked to position Malaysia as a beacon of the digital economy, MDEC is committed to build and grow the nation’s digital future. The country’s youths will be the generation that can drive Malaysia to greater heights and education is the way to make that happen.

Meanwhile, the chief executive officer of a media company and the official event partner of the fair stated that as the demands of jobs evolve together with the growth of technology, having digital skill set could well be the norm in the near future.

The movement signifies the right step into the future by equipping the nation’s youth with the digital knowledge and tools that will prep them for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The fair is made possible through the support of various industry partners.

As reported earlier, the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the country’s desire for digital economic growth has spurred a demand for workers in the digital technology sector.

While all sectors are said to be in dire need of talent, digital technology is unique and fast-moving; it is difficult to not only find sufficient talent but also the right workforce with the right skill sets and at the right time.

The MDEC director of talent stated that the corporation is an entity whose mandate is to attract investments into the country. Potential investors are asking whether the nation has sufficient talent. They want to know whether it will be easy to hire and if there will be an adequate workforce.

The corporation is the country’s lead agency in driving the digital economy. It is tasked with creating a vibrant environment for the economy to thrive and ensure that the country plays a key role in its revolution.

To produce top graduates in digital technology, MDEC and the Education Ministry have awarded a recognition status to selected higher-learning institutions called Premier Digital Tech Universities (PDTUs) and Preferred Digital Tech Polytechnics (PDTPs).

This move, coupled with the fair, shows that Malaysia is invested in nurturing digital talent at all levels of education, be it young children, university students, teachers or even parents.

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