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HK start-ups and industry players gather to boost Smart Tourism

Image Credits: HKSTP, Press Release

According to a recent press release, the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation held programs for the Global Acceleration Academy (GAA), and the Airport Accelerator Program.

At the event, participating start-ups showcased innovative products and solutions to the industry and investors that will help drive smart airport and travel technology.

In order to promote the development of Hong Kong’s airport and the wisdom of travel technology applications, the GAA launched the three-month a program to help local start-ups and overseas analyse market gaps and provide training.

Together with the support of the Hong Kong Airport Authority (AA), the program was tested in a real interpersonal environment as a proof of concept.

The accelerator program garnered enthusiastic responses, attracting dozens of local and overseas start-ups to apply.

Start-ups showcase their latest developments

On the demonstration day, a total of five participating start-ups showcased their products and solutions aimed at addressing the development and operational challenges in the local tourism industry. The goal is to effectively improve the passenger experience and airport operational efficiency.

The innovative solution centred around intelligent mechanical transportation, automation technology, driverless vehicles, stride sensing technology for security certification and low-power Bluetooth transmission technology.

According to the Chief Technology Officer of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, the GAA and leading companies in different fields are working together to encourage all industries to apply local innovation and technology as well as enhance the business skills of technology companies.

The aim is to give start-up employees an understanding of the international market.

HKSTP and its partners have stated that they are determined to promote the development of start-ups in Hong Kong, to encourage them to make the best use of government resources.

HKSTP is now actively expanding GAA in scale, strengthening its cooperation with third-party programs in order to nurture the strength of the accelerator.

Overseas start-ups in Hong Kong have been invited to participate in and create a rich vibrant and cosmopolitan Techtronic ecosystem so that more start-ups to create enterprise business benefit.

GAA launch trend report to promote industrial innovation  

The GAA also released its first research report, Spotlight-Travel, which analysed innovative technologies to promote tourism development and enhance the passenger experience. The potential of the aspect.

The market trend report analysed the potential for innovation and technology in promoting the development of tourism and to enhance the visitor experience, and elaborate start-ups related products and the program. It also shows the innovative solutions that the Park companies have created to meet relevant market needs.

Several massive companies were involved as consultants in producing the Spotlight-Travel Report.

Looking forward, the GAA will also be publishing reports on other areas of the market in order to promote the development and application of science and technology in different areas of innovation.

In addition, these reports are aimed at helping the industry gain insight into the trends and expectations associated with different industries, start-ups and solution providers.

Smart Tourism in Hong Kong

Under its Smart City Blueprint, The HKSAR Government seeks to provide tourist facilitation services through smart technologies. In addition, the aim is to enrich tourists’ experiences in Hong Kong through the adoption of smart features using ICT and virtual images.

The Government is working to enhance tourist experience through a smart airport, Wi-Fi Connected City initiative and smart lampposts.

Overall, the goal is to encourage the tourism industry to leverage on innovative technology that can assist in managing visitor flow, providing more personalised tourist services, marketing and promotion, etc. in order enhance the region’s competitiveness. Hong Kong wishes to be perceived as an innovative and technologically advanced tourist destination.

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