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Indian Government to establish data analytics centre for better governance

The National Informatics Centre (NIC) and National Informatics Centre Services Incorporated (NICSI) have collaborated to establish a Centre of Excellence for Data Analytics (CEDA). The Centre will support Government departments to enhance the efficiency of data that they generate as part of the governance processes and use it to improve India’s overall governance.

According to a press release, the Centre is to be launched by the Minister of Electronics and Information Technology, Mr Ravi Shankar Prasad during a Workshop on Data Analytics in Government. Several dignitaries from the Government will attend the event.

The CEDA intends to provide quality data analytic services to government departments at all levels by identifying appropriate tools and technologies and deploying experts to carry out these services.

The release said that the National Informatics Centre is the Government’s main technology advisor. It offers ICT solutions to the Government at all levels. The release said that the NIC has always taken the first step to introduce latest technologies and services in governmental operations, including an introduction of ICT in government departments, establishing NICNET or the National Knowledge Network (NKN).

The NIC has also developed critical e-Governance solutions and other government-related services.

The National Informatics Centre Services Incorporated is partnered with the NIC and has been instrumental in supporting all NIC’s initiatives. The NICSI provides resources, establishes and manages ICT infrastructure including the National Data Centre at Shastri Park, the Development Centre, and the Cloud infrastructure among several others.

Recognising the emerging digital ecosystem, challenges and opportunities, the Centre of Excellence for Data Analytics is expected to kick-start the adoption of advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities and make it a top priority for government departments.

Through its focused efforts, the centre aims to solve complex policy issues through data-driven decision making to ensure effective formulation and implementation of various development initiatives.

The release said that the Centre of Excellence for Data Analytics proposes to establish strong partnerships with academia and industry to ensure that the cutting-edge technologies and quality expertise are brought in to help the Government take advantage of the booming analytic wave.

The Government, through the Centre, also plans to build technologies, in collaboration with academia to provide quality tools at a much lower cost to the government.

As part of its service offerings, it will help the departments understand their business requirements and define their analytic needs. It will aid the identification of the data sets that are required to meet the analytic needs.

It will help determine access to the relevant data sources (both within as well as outside the government) and build the required data analytic solutions.

The CEDA is expected to assist the integration of departmental data silos and deliver an integrated whole-of- government analytics for comprehensive policy formulation.

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