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India’s First Digital Transformation Experience Centre Launched

India Digital Transformation Experience Centre

The first-ever digital transformation experience centre in India was inaugurated earlier this week. It is a collaborative hub, designed to inform Indian businesses about creative ways to increase productivity through automation.

According to news reports, IT company Rockwell Automation announced the launch of the Gurgaon-based centre. It will demonstrate the integration of key technology platforms for IT-OT convergence, enabling customers to understand the benefits of the connected enterprise and the positive impact that it can have on their business.

The centre illustrates how solutions and services offered are entirely scalable and can be tailored to businesses.

At the centre, people can experience first-hand the synergy of key technology platforms such as network, cybersecurity, industrial data centre, machine learning, and AR and VR.

They can also experience scenarios showcasing how a business could fix problems faster and with less disruption to production by combining data on machinery faults, production commitments, and availability of parts. Also, with insights into how long it would take a technician to fix the problem with the support of augmented reality.

At the inauguration ceremony, the company’s CEO said that Indian industries stand to unlock trillions of dollars in value over the next decade as a result of rapid advancements in automation technology. It is a complex moment when leaders have an exceptional number of decisions to make about how and where to invest their resources to achieve the best results.

Through this centre, the company has invited businesses across the country to get informed and inspired about what the future could look likein and how to get there.

The Managing Director said that on the journey of digitalisation, the connected enterprise is key for businesses to realise their full potential. The new digital transformation experience centre is an example of how technology can help to bridge the gap between traditional plant floor technologies (OT level) and enterprise-level demands (IT level).

Using technical expertise and industry know-how, the company plans to demonstrate to help customers maximise performance, advance innovation, and drive growth by unlocking new business models and adding value to existing products.

The experience centre will also demonstrate how the company integrates solutions seamlessly from the plant floor up through the enterprise in collaboration with strategic alliance partners to accelerate innovation and convergence for operational and information technologies through digital transformation.

A team of Rockwell Automation domain experts will be on hand at the digital transformation experience centre to demonstrate the transformative potential of the connected enterprise. Experts will use real-world examples, based on customer interactions.

The Indian government has launched several schemes to promote digital transformation in the country. The JAM (Jan Dhan- Aadhaar-Mobile phones) trinity played a significant part in the development of digital payments in the country.

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) recently announced that now over 1.25 billion residents of India have the 12-digit unique identity card.

This milestone comes along with the rapidly increasing use of Aadhaar as a primary document of identification by Aadhaar holders. This is evident by the fact that Aadhaar-based authentication services have been used close to 370 billion times since its inception.

Also, residents are more inclined to update their card details. UIDAI recorded about 3.3 billion successful Aadhaar updates (biometric and demographic). At present, UIDAI receives about 300,000 Aadhaar updates requests every day.

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