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Mobile app to block mobile network hackers

The mobile application developed by a Filipino cybersecurity company has been launched officially, according to a recent report.

Considered a first of its kind, the “Hackuna Anti-Hack” app is capable of blocking hackers, within the network, from hacking the user by simply pressing the Wi-Fi Blocker button.

Downloads of the said mobile app are expected to grow tenfold by the end of 2018.

Before, people need to be extra cautious in connecting to free Wi-Fi on public areas. Train stations, coffee shops, malls and government offices are the typical places where Wi-Fi hackers mostly catch their victims.

With the Hackuna app, people should not be worried anymore since mobile phones will now be protected against these threats.

Through the Permission Analyser button, it can detect the apps that have unreasonable permission to access the user’s private data, camera, mic, short message service (SMS), global positioning system (GPS), call logs and contacts without him or her knowing it.

The app’s Malware Buster, furthermore, is able to detect the hidden spy apps and the Trojans that the hackers are remotely using to hack and control the user’s phone.

The app has already reached 10,000 downloads internationally after its soft launch in Google Play last August.

App downloads were mostly from the United States, the Philippines, and India. The average utilisation rate per day, usage-wise, is 70% in the US, 20% in the Philippines, and 5% in India.

It usually takes a mobile security app a month to reach 1,000 installations, but Hackuna just did 10 times of that. It gained more than 10,000 downloads in just a month after its public launch.

Moreover, there are normally 1% – 5% daily active users in security mobile apps. However, this app has 30% – 40% average daily active users.

The developer is focused on further developing the quality of the app and is targeting of hitting 100,000 downloads worldwide by the end of 2018.

Monthly kick-off activities are in the pipeline as the app will be launching its new editions and added features in the coming months.

The iOS version is scheduled for 5 October; the premium version on 5 November, the Police Algorithm will be on 5 December while the desktop version will be on 5 January 2019.

These initiatives, once fully implemented, are seen to drive the firm’s goal in becoming the leading mobile security app in Southeast Asia by 2020, with half-a-million downloads.

The company wants Hackuna to surpass the revenue, brought by its Bug bounty platform last year, by 25%.

It was in 2014 when the company established its first offering, the Bug bounty program. It utilises the services of “white hats” or ethical hackers in order to find vulnerabilities in a system or web site.

It rewards individuals for discovering and reporting software bugs.

Two years ago, the firm was supported and mentored by software development company for about six months. This year, it won a six-month incubation program from a different company.

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