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Philippines’ DoST to Showcase PinoyTech in International Markets

The Department of Science and Technology in the Philippines through its Technology Application and Promotion Institute (TAPI) released its Roadmap for 2023 to 2032 and aims to establish the Filipino Technologies worldwide by developing new markets through technology transfer and commercialisation; supplying financial seeds in the form of investments; acceleration aid of investment and technology readiness levels and formed important and relevant collaborations.

DOST-TAPI plans to internationalise intellectual property (IP) applications by 2023, as well as fund spin-offs and start-ups to help them join international markets and develop a virtual show platform.

With the internationalisation of IP applications, we plan to support IP portfolio management with a hundred per cent real-time updates published on our in-house IP management system.

– Atty. Marion Ivy D. Decena, DOST-TAPI Director

In preparation for the march of technologies in 2024, DOST-TAPI supports the enhancement of the technological preparedness of IP-based innovations through the provision of assistance and a foundation.

Decena shared that they will provide financial and technical assistance to DOST-created and-funded inventions that are in the first phases of commercialisation to reach overseas markets or economies. The institute is looking forward to using the Internet to perform introduction offerings of technology, including technology-market matching and market-needs evaluation.

In 2025, Filipino technologies are expected to contribute significantly to the innovation system worldwide. The built due diligence apparatus facilitates the international commercialisation of DOST-developed innovations by offering both defensive and offensive IP asset protection in other jurisdictions.

In the following year, by 2026 it is expected that Filipino technologies will play a significant role worldwide. This year inks the creation of more international IP-based strategies, the conduct of business summits for beneficiaries and investors in local and international markets, and the expansion of the Institute’s platform for technology and product offerings.

DOST-TAPI will build regional and international centres in 2027. This will bring additional DOST innovations to the foreign market, which will be supported by intense marketing and promotional efforts, as well as other relevant activities, to attract potential foreign investors. Direct foreign investment will open various opportunities and new prospects, such as enhanced economic growth, increased employment, and improved technology transfer.

Leading Global Expansion Activities By 2028-2032

DoST-TAPI champions the path to PROGRESS (Protect the IPs, Resolve the issues, Oversee the innovation system, Grow with our stakeholders, Reinvent our programs, Enter the markets, and Savor the Success) as they continue to make change happen to develop Science for the People.

The following five years have seen DOST-TAPI shine in gaining international prominence because of its persistent efforts over the years. It intends to become a venture capitalist, a business shareholder, and an Institute partner in the transfer and commercialisation of Filipino government-owned innovations. DOST-TAPI evolves into a self-sustaining Institute that offers speciality services to assist local research and development, invests in new companies, supports local and worldwide prospects, and generates money.

The institute anticipates additional life-changing chances full of challenges and learning. These are the actions that will be taken to provide distinctive, inventive, and practical solutions as an investment partner for Filipinos, by Filipinos.

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