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Singapore and Indonesia cooperate on Industry 4.0 solutions

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed at the Singapore-Indonesia Leaders’ Retreat in Bali today. Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is present at the retreat, together with the Indonesian President Joko Widodo. On the agenda at the Retreat is a review of the progress made in bilateral relations, as well as a discussion of ways to deepen cooperation between the countries. Multiple MoUs are being signed at this retreat.

One of the MoU’s is on the Cooperation for Development and Implementation of Industry 4.0. It was signed by Enterprise Singapore and Indonesia’s Agency for Research and Development of Industry (ARDI) of Ministry of Industry (MoI).

Singapore and Indonesia’s Industry 4.0 To Date

ARDI of the MoI is responsible for the preparation of technical policies, research, assessment, and development of industrial technologies, services and standardisation, energy conservation and diversification, green industry, business climate policies and protection of intellectual property rights in industry.

The MoU is in line with the Indonesia 4.0 Roadmap launched in April this year. The Roadmap is a national program to encourage economic growth and job creation in key sectors of the Indonesian economy using disruptive technologies. Potential strategies are outlined as part of the Roadmap to support these aims. Sectors of interest include automotive, chemicals, electronics, food and beverage and garments. Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, human-machine interface, robot and sensor technology, and 3D printing are the prime catalysts identified to spur the Indonesian economy.

ARDI’s role is to support the development and adoption of Industry 4.0 by Indonesian manufacturers. This is in line with the role of ARDI in the field of innovation and technology.

Singapore’s embrace of Industry 4.0 is far along. The Singapore Government has put in monies into upskilling and retraining its workforce, as well as providing fertile ground for new technologies to take flight.

Details of the Mou

Collaboration between the two ASEAN member states hold much promise for businesses and the governments alike.

Three major points of collaboration have been outlined in the MoU.

The first is to help Singapore technology solutions providers partner Indonesian manufacturers on the adoption of best practices in manufacturing innovation. Singapore companies as well as the Government have invested heavily in advanced manufacturing techniques and infrastructure. The Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC) is a prime example. Under the terms of the MoU, Singapore technology solutions providers will be able to organise workshops and clinics for knowledge sharing. At these sessions, Singaporean companies will share their best practices for manufacturing innovation in automotive, chemicals, electronics, food and beverage, textile and garments.

The second area of collaboration to be explored is to advance the adoption of manufacturing innovation in Indonesia. Firstly, exchanges will be facilitated between Singapore centres of innovation and ARDI. Additionally, platforms which allow Indonesian manufacturers to conveniently access technology solutions and experts will be set up.

Finally, the MoU outlines collaboration on training programs for Indonesian manufacturers and development of training modules for Industry 4.0 and manufacturing innovation.

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