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Taiwan Launches New Supercomputer

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The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) says it has officially put its new supercomputer, the Taiwania 3, into service for use in academic and research projects related to the coronavirus. According to MOST, the National Applied Research Laboratories is now inviting researchers in the academic and industrial sectors to submit applications for access to the powerful high-performance computing system. Applications are open until July 31 2021.

The proposed projects may include research in the areas of medical care, disease control, policy communications and maintenance of people’s livelihood. Projects related to the evolution of viral genomes, protein analysis, data mining, image recognition, stable operations of enterprises and schools, and bailout and economic stimulus measures would also be considered. The proposals will be evaluated, and those that are accepted will be allowed free use of the Taiwania 3 system.

The Taiwania 3 was developed by MOST’s National Center for High-Performance Computing, as part of the ministry’s efforts to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic through the use of technology. The supercomputer will be used in combination with the Taiwan Computing Cloud, Big Data and the Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT).

According to an article,  MOST promoted artificial intelligence (AI) as the core of its next-generation development model and building an AI cloud computing platform was a very important part of its “AI Small Country Big Strategy”. Previously, Taiwan used Taiwania 2 that had achieved a ranking of 20th in the world, the highest rating for a Taiwan-made supercomputer in 2018. This supercomputer was developed by the National Center for High-Performance Computing (NCHC) in cooperation with local industry heavyweights.

Taiwania 2 powered Artificial intelligence platform Taiwan Computing Cloud (TWCC) for academic and research projects. MOST said that TWCC marks a milestone in the advancement of Taiwan’s technological research capabilities. The system is expected to help transform AI into a trillion New Taiwan dollar industry. TWCC is aimed at providing local AI innovators with access to world-class development tools in terms of functionality, speed and security. It will facilitate not only cutting-edge R&D but commercialisation of research results.

According to a page, Taiwan’s NCHC is one of the national-level research laboratories under Taiwan’s National Applied Research Laboratories (NARL). NCHC is Taiwan’s primary facility for high-performance computing (HPC)- related resources including large-scale computational science and engineering, cluster and grid computing, middleware development, visualisation and virtual reality, data storage, networking, and HPC-related training.

The NCHC’s mission is to be Taiwan’s premier HPC resource provider by supporting local academia and industry with cutting-edge hardware and software resources, advanced R&D and application development, and professional training.

As Taiwan is striving to accelerate its technological innovations, the nation has been producing and displaying the latest innovations, including in the semiconductor industry. As reported by OpenGov Asia, Taiwan is unveiling its latest innovations in advanced logic technology, speciality technologies, and 3DFabric™ advanced packaging and chip stacking technologies. Taiwan’s largest semiconductor company offers N6RF for next-generation 5G smartphone and WiFi 6/6e performance, N5A for state-of-the-art automotive applications, and enhancements across the range of 3DFabric technologies.

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