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Vietnam Launches Comprehensive Digital Transformation Programme to Boost Businesses

The Ministry of Planning and Investment has drawn up a programme to support digital transformation in enterprises, cooperatives, and household businesses for the 2021-2025 period. It has also sketched out a draft project, proposal, and decision approving the programme that aims to materialise policies and guidelines of the Party, the laws of the state, and the solutions of the government in this regard.

According to a news report, the programme is expected to help accelerate digital transformation through changes in the awareness, mindset, and strategies of enterprises, as well as incentives towards digitalisation in business, administration, and production activities.

Accordingly, all of the production facilities would “have their awareness and mindset of digital transformation improved by 2025”, the report noted. Meanwhile, at least 500,000 of them will receive assistance from the programme like training, consultancy, and access to digital packages. Among the beneficiaries, at least 800 firms, 100 cooperatives, and 4,000 household businesses are set to become models in digital transformation, especially in processing, manufacturing, agriculture, tourism, and certain production spheres.

A network of experts will be set up, bringing together at least 500 organisations and individuals that will provide consultancy in digital transformation, and announce a database with at least 100 digital transformation solutions. The programme targets enterprises, cooperatives, and business households that seek digital transformation to improve their production and business efficiency and competitiveness.

To meet the set targets, the Ministry will build documents and tools guiding digital transformation, roll out activities, and boost cooperation between relevant sides. The programme will focus on developing and raising the capacity of experts in digital transformation according to global standards and trends, and connecting them with production facilities. It will select production facilities that have the capacity and commitment to digitalisation, helping them put forth a roadmap for digital transformation, and offering them up to a 50% reduction of consultancy costs. The funding for the programme will come from the State budget, both at central and local levels, and contributions by organisations, individuals, and businesses.

In July, the Ministry of Planning and Investment and the USAID-funded Linkages for Small and Medium Enterprises (LinkSME) project announced a support package to help enterprises promote digital transformation. The support package was provided as a part of the project’s programme to assist businesses in digital transformation for the 2021-2025 period.

As OpenGov Asia reported, the support aims to help at least 100 businesses successfully conduct their digital transformation process by 2025. It aims to enhance Vietnamese businesses’ awareness of digital transformation and set up an expert network comprising 100 organisations and individuals. This network will provide consultancy and solutions related to digitalising operations. It will aid the development of digital platforms.

In the first phase, which began in August and will end in December this year, the programme sent independent and experienced experts to 15 enterprises to support them in building suitable strategies and roadmaps for digital transformation. Eligible companies should have at least five-year operations in one of the prioritised sectors such as mechanical engineering, electronics, agriculture and agricultural product processing, wood processing, furniture production, garment and textiles, pharmaceuticals, and packaging. They must have their own orientations in digital transformation and restructuring.

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