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India Launches Centre of Excellence in Blockchain Tech

Centre of Excellence CoE in Blockchain Technology in Bengaluru
Image credit: Ministry of Information and Communications

The National Informatics Centre (NIC) recently set up the centre of excellence (CoE) in blockchain technology in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

The centre aims to provide blockchain as a service and allow all stakeholders to benefit from shared learning, experiences, and resources.

According to a press release, the inauguration of the blockchain centre was held earlier this week by the Minister of Electronics and Information Technology, Ravi Shankar Prasad. Several dignitaries from the central and state government attended the event.

Blockchain is now a widely deployed technology, finding use beyond the financial realm. The adoption of it in sectors such as health, agriculture, and several others will aid the government in implementing various programmes and provide trust and immutability to the assets.

The Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Blockchain Technology in Bengaluru has developed blockchain-based proofs-of-concepts for select government-use cases to understand the potential benefits of the technology, the release noted. New and previously unforeseen applications of blockchain in the government are expected to enhance transparency, traceability, and trust in e-governance systems.

The centre will facilitate government departments to build proofs-of-concept for uses of blockchain technology in different dimensions of governance, which will lead to the large-scale deployment of tech-based applications. NIC provides a robust and agile infrastructure.

The CoE will also provide blockchain as a service (BaaS) for the efficient hosting of blockchain networks.

NIC as a premier technology advisor and ICT solution provider to the government has always taken the first step to introduce the latest technologies and services in government, the release claimed.

The organisation covers several areas, for example, the introduction of ICT in the government, establishing NICNET or the National Knowledge Network (NKN), and developing critical e-governance solutions.

The NIC recently announced that the NIC TechConclave 2020 event will happen later this week. It is a two-day event and will be held in New Delhi. This year’s theme is ‘Technologies for NextGen Governance’.

As per a press release, the conclave will contribute immensely to the capacity building of government officers across the country and help to deliver high-quality citizen-centric services.

The NIC has been instrumental in steering the applications of ICT at various levels in the government, which is an important component of the Digital India programme.

The country’s IT industry has changed significantly due to the emergence of new technologies and innovations, the efficient delivery of services to citizens, and the transparent dissemination of information, the press release stated.

Apart from setting up the national ICT infrastructure for the government, NIC has also designed and developed solutions for various sectors of the centre. This has created transparency, data-driven planning and management, and higher quality services.

The speakers in the conclave are experts from the IT industry who will share their knowledge in various areas like, among others, cybersecurity, hyperscale architecture, and design thinking. The adoption of these technologies will be instrumental in the digital transformation of the country.

The Minister of State for Electronics and IT, Communications and Human Resource Development, and the Secretary of the IT Ministry will attend the event.

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