Singapore, Indonesia Strengthen Ties

The two nations reaffirmed their commitment to advance the bilateral partnership, have resolved three longstanding issues and are ready to forge new, deep, multifaceted, forward-looking, and mutually beneficial cooperation that will benefit future generations.

SIM Registration Protects Filipino Women and Children

In the Philippines, SIM card registration shields women and children against abuse, exploitation and violence as well as from scams and fraudulent activities via phone and the internet. It increases safety and aids in the capture of criminals by law enforcement.

Boosting Singapore’s Hub Port and Maritime Centre with Tech

Singapore has long been a hub port and maritime centre because of its strategic position, robust infrastructure, and business-friendly environment; and to retain its competitiveness and hub port status, the nation focuses on many important aspects.

Digital China Expected to Boost Economy

Digital China is projected to play an important role in improving the country’s economy in the coming years, with the government encouraging increased innovation and development in the sector.

Malaysia Attracted RM264.6 Billion in Investments in 2022

The country is prioritising digital investments to become ASEAN’s digital hub, with potential investments totalling RM14.6 billion and is working to attract high-quality digital investments while ensuring sustainable economic growth and prosperity.