Goa, India Unveils AI-Based Traffic Management System

The AI-powered traffic management system detects traffic violations, captures real-time photographs, and issues e-tickets automatically to violators. It aims to enhance traffic monitoring and security while reducing human errors and corruption.

Singapore Outlines Smart Nation’s Next Steps

Singapore strongly believes that digitalisation is an effective way for the government to serve residents with greater empathy by building inclusive, seamless, and customised policies and services.

Dau Tieng, Vietnam Encourages Digital Payments

There has been a notable surge in card payments at various goods and service providers. According to commercial banks and e-wallet companies in the area, cashless transactions are currently more in demand than they were during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Indonesia to Accelerate Digital ID Adoption

The digital ID initiative was rolled out last year in Indonesia, and the government urged relevant stakeholders to speed up the transition process to better serve citizens.